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Jewish weddings and Bar/Bat Mizvahs are my speciality.

Jewish receptions need a LOT of coordination - there is so much to think about. Matthew can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Take the Sheva Brachot (the seven wedding blessings, traditionally recited at the end of the grace after meals) as an example. Many couples ask friends and family to recite them. I will ensure that the microphone travels to each person in turn (and that the right person has the microphone at the right time!), will take care of taking the Kiddush cup around (it is held by each person reciting a blessing) and will even lead the singing of the traditional niggun (melody) between each blessing. In short - I can make this a seamless and comfortable experience for all involved.

How do I know so much? The answer is simple - being Jewish myself, and an ex-Synagogue chairman, I really do understand the intricacies and complexities of your function. I can even offer to make Hamotze (blessing over the Bread before the meal),or lead the Benching (grace after meals) for you! But above all, I can talk you through everything that could or should happen in a friendly and open way - and you needn't feel embarrassed if you need to ask anything.

Many Jewish couples find that the list of things you need to plan for can be overwhelming and, if the Rabbi is present, then you really need to get it right! Matthew can take all this pressure away from you. No matter what your level of knowlege or observance is, I can explain to you the traditions and rituals of a Jewish wedding, and answer almost any question you can think of, so that no-one need feel embarrassed or unaware of what they should be doing.

Let me help you through the choices around the religious aspects (such as whether your guests will be washing their hands, and if so how to manage this), when to do the Hora (Israeli style circle dance,where the Bride and Bridegroom are lifted on chairs), and when to do the Loyal Toast (the toast to the Queen) and the Toast to the Office of the President of the State of Israel, if required.

If you need someone you can rely on, who will really understand your needs, and do everything he can to ensure your reception is stylish, distinctive and memorable,then please get in touch!