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We all know that any reception, whether it is a wedding, bar or bat mitzivah, corporate or civic event, is so much more than just food and dancing.

Planning the perfect day takes considerable effort and time, and for everything to fit together like a dream, you need someone to co-ordinate for you whose sole interest is in ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Matthew Adam is adept at managing all the different elements of your reception, making sure that everyone involved feels special and comfortable. He will bring a real sense of ceremony, dignity and style to your day, and will really make the difference between your party being a real "reception" and not just "dinner and dancing with friends"

On the day of your event, Matthew will be busy making sure everything runs smoothly. Examples of what Matthew will do include:

Greeting your guests on their arrival at the venue
Ensuring that everyone is seated at the right time
Making sure that everyone giving a speech or toast knows when it will be their turn
Introducing the speech and toast-givers, and making sure they feel comfortable and relaxed
Co-ordinating with your photographer and videographer, letting them know what is happening and when, so that they can set up the perfect shots
Co-ordinating with your caterers, so that your guests are not seated until the meal is ready to be served
Co-ordinating with your entertainers, even checking that the correct music is ready to be played for your all-important first dance as a married couple!